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Sophie Gueudet: Russia’s Patron Politics in Republika Srpska

Analysis of relations between Russia and Republika Srpska since 2022 – on the IOS blog on Russia's war against Ukraine.


About the Institute


The IOS is one of the largest non-university research institutions of its kind in Germany. Through its work, the Institute contributes to a better understanding of the society and history of Eastern and Southeast Europe.

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IOS Research

At the IOS, researchers from various disciplines conduct research on the history of as well as the economic and political developments in Eastern and Southeast Europe.

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IOS Publications

With its publishing activities, the IOS supports research into Eastern and Southeast Europe and informs a wider public.

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The Institute’s Library

The library of the IOS is one of the largest of its kind, collecting and providing access to literature on Eastern Europe. In addition, it maintains a wide range of electronic resources to support research.

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Understanding Eastern and Southeast Europe—creating, preserving, and communicating knowledge. This is the goal of the Regensburg-based Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS). The IOS is one of the largest non-university research institutions of its kind in Germany. Our staff include historians, economists, and political scientists with a particular interest in the former Soviet Union and Southeast Europe. In addition, the IOS provides important infrastructure services for research.

New on ostBLOG

Blog Series "Provenance Research at the IOS"

In the course of a current project, the Institute’s library is checked for books, journals and maps that were looted under Nazi rule. In a series on ostBLOG, Daniela Mathuber explains provenance research at the IOS and presents several objects.



The IOS in the Media

Das "Problem der Probleme"

Gastbeitrag von Katrin Boeckh zu Schwierigkeiten bei der Aufnahme von Heimatvertriebenen in Regensburg 1945 und zur helfenden Rolle der katholischen Kirche.

Mittelbayerische Zeitung

Tagung der Osteuropaforscher: Exotisch, rückständig, böse, gescheitert

Bericht über die Jahrestagung des IOS.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

How Russia’s Liberal Tech Companies Became the Foundation of Putin’s War Effort

Bericht über staatlichen Einfluss auf russische Tech-Unternehmen, mit Einschätzungen von Fabian Burkhardt.

Kyiv Independent

News from the Institute

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