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East European History – Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas

The Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas (JGO) (East European History), a journal founded as Jahrbücher für Kultur und Geschichte der Slaven in 1925 in Breslau, was given its current name in 1935. In 1941, publication of the Jahrbücher ceased but the Munich Osteuropa-Institut resumed publication with the addition of Neue Folge. The journal is published on behalf of the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg by Martin Schulze Wessel (Munich) and Dietmar Neutatz (Freiburg i. Br.) in cooperation with 12 co-editors representing German-speaking as well as international historiographical research on Eastern Europe.

All manuscripts are subject to a double-blind review process in which at least two independent referees are consulted. Both authors and reviewers are characterized by a high degree of internationality. As a renowned journal, the scope of which goes far beyond the borders of Germany, the Jahrbücher are listed in several relevant databases worldwide (e.g. Scimago, Web of Science). As a rule, two issues per year are published under guest editorship as thematic issues focused on an innovative research topic, and two issues are “open” issues. In addition to the articles, the issues contain an extensive review section, which provides information on German and international research on Eastern European history and is available in open access. The editors also publish a purely electronic review supplement—jgo.e-reviews—on recensio.net.

Publication frequency: 4 issues per year, each of 160 pages.

Editorial Board
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Editorial Office

Katharina Kucher (Head)
Reinhard Frötschner (Editorial Assistance)

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