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Bibliography of German-Language Periodicals from Eastern Europe

As part of the digitization projects “Digital Consolidation of Collections and Documentation of German-Language Periodicals From Eastern Europe” and “Jewish German-Language Periodicals”, a comprehensive four-part bibliography on periodical publications by German-speaking minorities in Eastern Europe was prepared by the department of Library and Electronic Research Infrastructure: more than 5,600 newspapers, magazines, almanacs, and yearbooks from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century were recorded in three inventory bibliographies. The specialist bibliography lists more than 1,500 titles of both older and more recent research works on the German press in Eastern Europe, thus documenting the current state of research. The publication of bibliographic details in digital format enables the inventory to be regularly updated and extended, and for references to the latest digital copies to be added via hyperlink.

Albert Weber: Bibliographie deutschsprachiger Periodika aus dem östlichen Europa (Bibliography of German-Language Periodicals from Eastern Europe).
Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung (Regensburg). Last updated: September 30, 2013.
Part 1: Zeitungen und Zeitschriften (Newspapers and Magazines): 1,024 pages. Read more
Part 2: Volkskalender, Almanache und Jahrbücher (Almanacs for the Million, Almanacs, and Yearbooks): 92 pages. Read more
Part 3: Fachliteratur (Specialist Literature): 196 pages. Read more
Part 4: Jüdische Periodika (Jewish Periodicals): 36 pages. Read more


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