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Mission statement of the IOS library

Image: IOS/neverflash.com
Image: IOS/neverflash.com

Our functions

  • We are a generally accessible specialist library and service institution providing media items and information in East and Southeast European studies with a focus on the fields of social science and the humanities
  • Our services are aimed both at staff from the IOS institutes and external users—local, transregional, and international


Our services

  • We purchase media items required for research
  • We make media stock accessible, with regard to both form and content, in the Regensburg Catalog’s OPAC and in specialist databases
  • We offer support to individuals  to help them acquire information from all available sources and we provide that support in a timely manner
  • We enable access to electronic media (local and global)
  • We engage in local, national, and international joint ventures with libraries and other information institutions for the purpose of effectively supplying of information
  • We help supply media items and information from other libraries
  • We make media items available as part of the interlibrary loan between German libraries
  • We promote the information skills of users through training
  • We maintain and retain our old stock and enable electronic access through digitization
  • Through various projects and joint ventures, we contribute to creating an electronic research environment for East and Southeast European studies in the fields of social science and the humanities


Our staff members

  • attach great importance to friendliness, flexibility and competence when advising visitors.
  • act independently in their areas of responsibility.
  • work together as a team in a collegial manner
  • continue to train in their areas of responsibility.
  • ensure that their work is productive through mutual respect, a willingness to talk objectively, constant exchange of information and efforts to reach a consensus for productive work.


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