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Guest Scholars

Guest scholars visit the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies for a fixed period and work closely with IOS researchers on joint projects.


Christofer Berglund, PhD
Malmö University, Department of Global Political Studies
Zeitraum: 4. April — 15. April 2022
Forschungsthema: „Fighting for the (Step)motherland? Predictors of Defense Willingness in Estonia’s Post-Soviet Generation”.

Prof. Dr. Gabriela Brendea
Babeş‐Bolyai University Cluj‐Napoca, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Finance
Zeitraum: 13. Juni — 1. Juli 2022
Forschungsthema: „Managerial biases and firms’ financing decisions: The case of Central and Eastern European

Prof. Dr. Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski
University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)
Zeitraum: 1. Juli — 31. Juli 2022
Forschungsthema: „Poland-Lithuania in the Age of the Atlantic Revolution".

Stefan Dorondel, PhD
Francisc I Rainer Institute of Anthropology, Bucharest
Zeitraum: 14. Februar –15. März 2022
Forschungsthema: „Contested Waterway. Governance and Ecology on the Lower Danube, 1800–2018”.

Prof. Dr. Oana-Ramona Ilovan
Faculty of Geography, Department of Regional Geography and Territorial Planning, Babeș‐Bolyai  University Cluj‐Napoca
Zeitraum: 8. August — 19. August 2022
Forschungsthema: „The Cartographic Discourse about Romanians, Romanian Space and Territorial Development, from  the Modern Period to Present“

Prof. Dr. Constantin Iordachi
CEU PU, Vienna, Department of History
Zeitraum: 4. April — 30. April 2022
Forschungsthema: „The Danube-Black Sea Canal: A Communist Experiment in Modernization, 1949–1984”.

Prof. Dr. Artjoms Ivlevs
University of the West of England Bristol, Deparmtent: FBL
Zeitraum: 4. Juli — 15. Juli 2022
Forschungsthema: „Religious revival and gender norms in transition and post‐transition economies: an inter‐ generational perspective“.

Joseph Kellner, PhD
University of Georgia, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Department of History
Zeitraum: 18. Juli — 29. Juli 2022
Forschungsthema: „Let Communism Live Forever: Post-socialist Nostalgia and Russia’s Hare Krishna Movement“.

Prof. Dr. Norberto Pignatti
ISET International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University
Zeitraum: 7. Juni — 3. Juli 2022
Forschungsthema: „Risk Attitudes and Informal Employment in Post‐transition countries“

Dr. Mariëlle Wijermars
Maastricht University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Zeitraum: 1. August — 31. August 2022
Forschungsthema: „The Platformisation of Authoritarian Control in Russia“


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