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Guest Scholars

Guest scholars visit the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies for a fixed period and work closely with IOS researchers on joint projects.


Frano Bilić
Zeitraum: 1. März — 30. Mai 2023
Forschungsthema: „Das Leben und Werk von Milan Šufflay“.

Tibor Bodnár-Király
Postdoc fellow, Thomas Molnar Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Public Service,
Zeitraum: 10. Juli — 4. August 2023
Forschungsthema: „'Statistical Maps' and 'Mapping' at the Turn of the 18th‐19th‐Century East‐Central Europe “.

Magdalena Crăciun, PhD
Lecturer in Anthropology, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest
Zeitraum: 4. September — 29. September 2023
Forschungsthema: „Plastics: A Catalysis for Environmental Politics in South‐Eastern Europe“

Emilija Cvetković
Institut ekonomskih nauka, Belgrad
Zeitraum: 9. —18. Oktober 2023
Forschungsthema: „Yugoslav-American Joint Ventures: The Case Study of ‘Ei-Honeywell’“

Attila Gáspár, PhD
KRTK-KTI, Budapest / University of Padova
Zeitraum: 6. März — 24. März 2023
Forschungsthema: „Technology adoption, labor substitution and political preferences“.

Marat Iliyasov, PhD
George Washington University, Elliott School of International Relations
Zeitraum: 31. Juli — 18. August 2023
Forschungsthema: „Comparing military, media, and political strategies of Putin’s wars in Chechnya and Ukraine“.

Prof. Dr. Iskander Gilyazov
Staatliche Universität Kazan’
Zeitraum: 1. Januar — 31. März 2023
Forschungsthema: „Türk-muslimische Emigration aus der UdSSR nach Westdeutschland (1940er–1960er Jahre)“.

Prof. Natalia Khanenko-Friesen
Director, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies; Chair, Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography, University of Alberta
Zeitraum: 16. Oktober — 14. November 2023
Forschungsthema: 1. “Collective Farming and Decollectivization in Ukraine: Rural Perspectives”, 2. “Testimony research in post-2022 Ukraine: mapping the field”.

Daša Ličen, PhD
Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU), Ljubljana
Zeitraum: 1. Februar — 28. Februar 2023
Forschungsthema: „Class in the Shade of National Belonging: The Case of Late Habsburg Trieste“.

Prof. Astghik Mavisakalyan
Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, Curtin University, Australia
Zeitraum: 3. Juli — 21. Juli 2023
Forschungsthema: „Natural Disasters and Inequality“

Yuki Murata, M.A.
Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna
Zeitraum: 3. Juli — 28. Juli 2023
Forschungsthema: „Nationality Policy of the Ukrainian Directorate and the Russian Minority, 1918—1920“

Aleksandra Pomiecko, PhD
University of St Andrews, Lecturer in Modern Russian History, United States Holocaust Memorial
Museum, Contract Researcher
Zeitraum: 1. August — 29. August 2023
Forschungsthema: „Bandits, Outlaws and Robin Hoods in Postwar Europe, 1917–1925“

Adrián del Río, PhD
Humboldt postdoctoral fellow, Centre for East European and International Studies & Berlin Social Science Center
Zeitraum: 2.–31. Oktober 2023
Forschungsthema: „Economic crisis and Democratization: the Role of Elite Defections in Authoritarian Governments“

Iryna Sklokina, PhD
Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv
Zeitraum: 1. Februar — 22. Februar 2023
Forschungsthema: „Welfare on the Borderlands: Female Workers in Lviv“.

Milica Stojanović, M.A.
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network [BIRN]), Visiting Fellow im Rahmen des Projekts „Conflict and Cooperation in Eastern Europe. The Effects of the Reconfiguration of Political, Economic and Social Spaces since the End of the Cold War (KonKoop)“
Zeitraum: 2. bis 13.Oktober 2023
Forschungsthema: „Conflict and Cooperation in Eastern Europe: The Effects of the Reconfiguration of Political, Economic and Social Spaces since the End of the Cold War“

Professor Dr. Béla Tomka
Department of History, University of Szeged
Zeitraum: 16. Juni — 30. Juni 2023
Forschungsthema: „Globalization and East‐Central European Societies after 1989: A Book Project“.

Prof. Dr. Karine Torosyan
Associate Professor of Economics, International School of Economics in Tbilisi, Tbilisi State
University, Georgia
Zeitraum: 1. Juni — 30. Juni 2023
Forschungsthema: „Tracking income inequality in Georgia in 2017–2022: capturing shifts during COVID‐19 pandemic and post‐pandemic periods.“

Professor Dr. Yuriy Zazuliak
Department of History, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv
Forschungsthema: „Johannes Christian von Engel and Galicia's Past in the Making in the Habsburg Monarchy in the Late 18th Century“
Zeitraum: 4. bis 27. Oktober 2023


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