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IOS Bids Adieu to Hartmut Lehmann

30.04.2024 IOS

Three years ago, Hartmut Lehmann, a globally recognized economist specializing in Eastern Europe, embarked on his journey at IOS. His interim tenure as Deputy Director, filling a critical vacancy until the completion of a new appointment procedure, concludes on April 30, 2024. The beginning of this period marked a pivotal phase for IOS, particularly with the impending first evaluation within the Leibniz Association. The institute recognized the indispensable need for economic expertise on the scientific board. Hartmut Lehmann, with his extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the institute, was the ideal fit: not only a very experienced economist, but also someone who knew the institute very well. In 2015, he participated as a member of the expert commission of the Scientific Council in the evaluation of IOS for admission to the Leibniz Association.

Switching roles, Hartmut Lehmann significantly contributed to the excellent outcome of the 2022/2023 evaluation. IOS expresses its gratitude to Hartmut Lehmann, who also led the Economics department, for his exceptional dedication during this critical period. However, Hartmut Lehmann’s influence extended beyond the evaluation process. His insights were instrumental in advancing economic research at IOS, particularly in his area of expertise, labor economics. He also facilitated the integration of economics into the broader context of area studies, a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. While Hartmut Lehmann’s term as interim Deputy Director was brief, his impact was profound. These three years witnessed significant milestones for IOS, including the appointment of his successor, the formulation of a new research agenda, and the successful proposal for a new research department at the institute (Politics).

IOS is delighted that Hartmut Lehmann will continue his association with the institute as a Research Fellow from May 1. He is currently spearheading a major project, the Ukrainian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey, which is poised to become one of IOS’s flagship initiatives. IOS extends its heartfelt thanks to Hartmut Lehmann and eagerly anticipates continued collaboration with this indefatigable economist.

Ulf Brunnbauer
Scientific Director

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